Frequently Asked Questions What are the itemized elements covered in the R299,999 1. Start-up stock of up to R110,000 once-off. 2. iKhaphela delivery scooter. 3. Fully fitted sate of the art kitchen (Deli) with deep fryer, high grade steel cutting table, griller, gas stove. 4. Hydraulic Lift to send the food order downstairs. 5. Storage space. 6. Point of sale with stock alerts. 7. Alarm system and panic button. 8. Staff Training. 9. Uniforms. 10. Drop-Safe for cash transactions. Who does the kitchen equipment belong to? All the items which comprise the whole modular structure belong to 2UFoods except for the delivery scooter as that belongs to the business owner. What size is the modular structure? The structure has 2 floors and is 3m (side width) X 12m (length) 6m height. How do we decide the proximity of members to each other? Proximity is determined by population density an since the offering is primarily designed for the rural markets, there may be multiple modular structures across villages for convenience while keeping over-saturation in mind. How much stock do we keep in the modular structure? Stock on-hand is determined by area, demand and type of stock and 2UFoods has a well-researched stock rotation policy to avoid obsolete stock. Since 2UFoods delivers everyday, the model allows orders to be placed before a pre-determined time to ensure seamless delivery. How do we secure the structure? 1. In addition to alarm system, panic button and CCTV cameras 2UFoods offers armed and tactical security whose frequency per modular structure is determined by security assessments. 2. The aim is to be proactive and engage in crime-prevention instead of acting after the fact. What is the monthly rental? 1. The minimum monthly rental is R12500 as compared to R50,000 at a big retail franchise. 2. The rent is calculated as a percentage of revenue at which level the modular structure investor is making revenue of close to R1million per month(the rent is calculated at 4 % of revenue or R12500 whichever one is greater). 3.The primary purpose of this nominal rent amount is to account for maintenance and normal wear-and-tear of the equipment inside the modular structure. Can we rebrand and refurbish an existing structure ? 1. 2UFoods does not encourage this as it becomes difficult to maintain and audit hygiene compliance according to HACCP standard. 2. Existing structure can be rebranded to fit the 2UFoods model, however, the price can only be determined after site audit. Will the structure have an ATM The modular structure will not have an ATM at launch as the business still needs to assess the security situation along the site where the modular structure is based. During the first 3 (three) months of operation, 2UFoods’ security partners will conduct an assessment on the viability of installing an ATM in the modular structure with the mandate to ultimately install an ATM as soon as possible. How do I secure funding if I have a certain amount but do not have the full R299,000 1. 2UFoods encourage individuals to raise further funding form IDC, LED, NEF and other and will provide a comprehensive business plan to support the application. 2. In the event the investor has capital but it is not enough , 2UFoods will deal with such situations on a case-by-case basis. Who owns the modular structure? 2UFoods has invested approximately R700 000 to build the modular structure with all the equipment included. The modular structure belongs to 2UFoods as it is being financed through a financial institution and a monthly repayment by 2UFoods is expected. Can I list products that are not necessarily on 2UFoods stock list? 1. For those who have products either, perishable or non-perishables, there is a provision to list products not on the 2UFoods products list in liaison with our Buying Team. 2. Products may be listed for an area because of demand,however,should the product meet all requisite standards and can confirm security of supply after vetting, the products may be loaded to on-sell to other 2UFoods Buying Group Members. Can I buy stock only if I have my own structure and do not want to convert? Yes, there is a stand-alone group for stock-only customers which will begin to operate in October. 2UFoods will require stock orders and commitments to ensure that the correct quantities are packed and delivered. What process do I follow to secure a modular structure? 1. Once an individual has secured funding, an application form with all the relevant information will be provided. 2. The fund will be deposited by the individual to a lawyer’s trust account and will be released to 2UFoods when the modular structure is delivered. What happens if I need more stock than the modular structure can keep? 1. 2UFoods runs a predictive analytics stock and inventory system which informs head office and the modular structure of low stock. 2. 2UFoods encourages that modular structure maintain as little stock as possible while maintaining an ability to operate daily. 3. In instances where there are extraordinary orders in bulk, 2UFoods will deliver pre-packaged orders directly to customers if the orders are large especially during peak periods i.e. funerals,weddings, Christmas and Easter and other events. Seasons, month-end groceries or SASSA payday groceries/ prepacked if the customer so wishes. 4. In the event the client would like pre-cut vegetables and meat,2UFoods will take instruction from the relevant customer. Do we are assist with business plans to provide to individuals who would like to get funding? We have a comprehensive business plan for interested individuals and will share that when needed and the prospective investor has already attempted other sources to secure funding. When is the business launching? 1. The first phase of modular structures is already in process and will launch at the latest before Easter 2021. 2. The first phase will comprise of 1100 stores. Do you provide training and reports? 2UFoods provides system ,management, hygiene and food preparation training before the modular structure is due to open. Who do I get in contact with? 1. Click on 'Register' then 'Movable Panel Store' for the registration form. 2. Call our Head Office on 012 512 0649. 3. Contact 2UFoods on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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